Maciey Design-Interior Design
The Design Concierge
- 25  years of Excellence

Residential Design
    Maciey Design can custom design a room to fit your tastes and needs within your budget.  Maciey Design has had experiences with all design styles.  From designing a contemporary kitchen in a new house to creating an era design in a 1800's DuPont estate, Maciey Design has experience in all areas of design.  Maciey Design can design additions, total house remodels, new house design, restorations, and single room designs.  Maciey Design can also assist in space planning and utilizing the space in your home efficiently with a touch of elegance. 
     Our team will complete all factors in creating your dream home.  The process begins with a consultation with you to evaluate your specific needs.  Maciey Design will then create a design with complete furniture, paint, window treatments, carpet, and lighting selections.  Maciey Design's subcontractors are experts in the field and the job is run from start to finish through us.  Maciey Design will supervise work and only accepts the finest quality.  We will then select furniture, wall covering, artwork, and accessories completing your home design. 
    Maciey Design is your answer to the difficult decisions associated with designing your home 



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